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Ways to Use Essential Oils.

Aromatherapy is a gentle but powerful healing art that uses therapeutic-grade pure essential oils in a way that can positively affect our physical, emotional and mental health.

Pure essential oils are naturally occurring substances found in different parts of plants – the blossom, fruit, leaf, stem, root, bark, wood or resin. Through a process of distillation, cold pressing or solvent extraction, these precious oils are collected and bottled.

Essential oils are used in massage (introduction through the skin) and inhalation (introduction through the respiratory system) as the most effective methods of introducing these wonderfully balanced and holistic gifts from nature into the human body. For massage, a good quality carrier oil, lotion, cream or salve is used to deliver the essential oils to the area needed. For inhalation, a simmering pot, diffuser, hot tub, sauna - or something as simple as a common cotton ball is used.

While modern science can in some cases duplicate the fragrance of some essential oils, they have been unable to duplicate the benefits each can deliver. Each essential oil is made up of between 50 to 500 different chemicals that occur in nature. Essential oils can be used for pleasure, to scent your environment, or as an effective natural way to enhance beauty and health. Here are some other ways to use essential oils.

In the bedroom… about 20 minutes before bed, place 5 drops of Lavender on a cotton ball and place inside your pillow case.

In the kitchen… you can use a drop of Pine in a simmering pan to help with cooking odours. Place 5 drops of Lemon or Tea Tree oil on your dish cloth as you wipe down your counter.

In the bathroom… place 5 drops of lavender or geranium on a tissue and place inside toilet roll holder.

In your vacuum cleaner... add a few drops of essential oil to your vacuum cleaner bag or exhaust filter and give the whole house a nice scent while you do your house work.

For air freshening… place cotton balls with any favourite essential oil on them, inconspicuously around the house. You can freshen your silk or dried flower arrangements and potpourri with a drop or two of essential oil. Add oils to a spray bottle of water, shake well and mist around the house.

For selling your home… use a spicy oil like Clove, Cinnamon or Nutmeg, in a diffuser.

For letter writing… place stationary in a sealed bag with a drop of essential oil such as Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint or Rose. Or, place a drop of oil on the letter where you sign it.

To repel insects… dip ribbons in citronella oil and hang in the backyard to repel mosquitoes and other back yard pests. Add 5 drops of Tea Tree oil to your cloth before cleaning any surfaces around the house - the anti-septic qualities may help to repel house flies.


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